Monday, September 8, 2014


-It's called "PRETERISM"

Confessions, Creeds and Traditions of man have pulled The Futurist Matrix over the eyes of Christians and have become the filter by which the majority of Christ followers interpret Scripture. These are dangerous MANTRAS that have been ingrained into the thinking of God's people.

Time for a little history lesson:
Access to Scripture throughout the centuries has been very limited. For the first 1500 years, The Bible was only among the elite and ivory tower peeps. The Roman Catholic church would execute a person for possessing or reading a Bible. Bibles were not in abundance in every home as they are today. What changed to make this happen? The Protestant Reformation along with the invention of the printing press helped spread Scripture. The King James version was translated in 1611. By the 1800s, Scripture was translated into 400 languages, and that doubled in the 1900s. Today in 2014, Scripture has been on-line for about 3 decades in numerous different languages.

So, access to Scripture by the common man is relatively new. Plus, hindsight is 20/20 as we see our mistakes. I knock the Creeds, Confessions and man's traditions because I butt heads with Christian folk who lift them up on equal ground with Scripture. LOL. They are all man-made. Hello! Chuck what's bad, keep what's good.

HISTORY OF BIBLE TRANSLATIONS including The Old Testament in Greek, The Bible in Latin, Ulfilas and his alphabet, A restricted Bible, Erasmus, Luther and Tyndale, The missionary's weapon

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