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March 27, 2010 at 9:14am
Below are a set of questions that I've used to assess a person's worldview as well as to share the Gospel. Use this for God's glory. You can see some video of me and others doing this.

Please CIRCLE ONE for each question Y=yes, N=no, O=other [DK=don’t know, N/A=not applicable] PLEASE PRINT

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1. What is the origin of human existence?
2. Does human existence have purpose? Y N O ______________ goto4
3. If yes, what is it? If no, why not?
4. Is the universe an illusion? Y N
5. Has the universe existed forever? Y N
6. Where did the universe come from?

7. If from the Big Bang, where did the Big Bang come from?
8. Did everything come from nothing? Y N
9. Where do the laws of logic come from?
10. Did order come from disorder? Y N
11. Did life come from non-life? Y N
12. Did intelligence come from non-intelligence? Y N
13. Where did the code of information within DNA come from?

14. Does God or gods exist? Y N goto16 O ______________goto16
15. If yes, how do you know there is a God or gods?
16. What is your philosophy or religion?
17. What is your parents’ philosophy or religion? Dad_______________ Mom________________

18. Is Truth relative? Y N goto21 O ___________________
19. If yes, are you absolutely sure? Y N O ___________________
20. Is that just your truth? Y N O ___________________
21. Does evil exist? Y N goto23 O ____________________goto23
22. What is evil?
23. Describe the nature of man?

24. Do humans have rights? Y N goto26 O_________________________goto26
25. If yes, where do human rights come from?
26. What is the difference between a human and an animal?

27. Is it ok to abort a baby if the mother does not want the child? Y N O
28. Is partial-birth abortion ok (aborting baby on the way out)? Y N O
29. Is it ok to terminate a baby after it is born? Y N O
30. Is same sex marriage ok? Y N O

31. Is it ok to torture babies for fun? Y N O
32. WHO or WHAT is your ultimate authority for determining morality?

33. Have you ever coveted someone’s property, skills, or relationships? Y N
34. Have you ever lied? Y N
35. Have you ever stolen? Y N
36. Have you ever lusted to have sex with someone that you are not married to? Y N
37. Have you ever desired for someone to be violently assaulted or murdered? Y N

38. If you answered yes to any of the last 5 questions, do you believe you deserve to be punished? Y N
39. Where do laws of morality come from?
40. Are morals absolute in that they apply to everyone at every time? Y N O
41. Are you in favor of the death penalty for those proven of capital crimes? Y N O
42. Do you believe you are a sinner? Y N
43. Do you believe all sin is a capital crime against God deserving the full wrath of God forever in torment? Y goto45 N
44. If you answered No to 43, do you believe God is a liar? Y N
45. How do you deal with your guilty conscience?
46. Do humans have souls? Y N

47. How often do you think about dying?
48. Is there life after physical death? Y N goto51 O ______________goto51
49. If you were to die today, where you would spend eternity?
50. What do you think a person must do to go there?
51. How did you come to this knowledge?
52. If what you believe is NOT true, especially about eternity, would you want to know? Y N O


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