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Some Questions for Atheists

Some Questions for Atheists

by Tuese Ahkiong
March 25, 2010 at 8:30pm

  1. If the atheistic worldview is true, why do they knock people of faith?  Aren't people of faith, as well as atheists, the way they are because of their genes, environment, family, upbringing, chance, indoctrination?  Didn't the universe just randomly make people into atheist, murderers, Christians,  rapists, Muslims, etc.?
  2. If the world is just material, accidentally, randomly, chaotically, meaninglessly floating around, what does it matter if one is right or wrong? Does right and wrong exist in an atheistic worldview?
  3. What one thing do you know to be absolutely true about evolution?
  4. And how would the atheists know that people of faith are wrong or bad or misled unless they had some absolute standard to judge from?  Do atheists believe in absolute truth?  Where does absolute truth come from?
  5. Did absolute truth just assemble itself in the Big Bang?
  6. Are morals absolute?  is truth relative?
  7. Did life come from non-life?
  8. Did intelligence come from non-intelligence, i.e.,  coded information in DNA?
  9. Did order come from disorder?
  10. How do you know what you know (epistemology)?  
  11. What are the preconditions for knowing anything?
  12. Where do the laws of logic come from?
  13. Is it ok to torture babies for fun?  Why or why not?  Where do human rights come from?
  14. Does evil exist?
  15. Where did the universe come from?  If the universe came into existence x amount of time ago, did it create itself?  Did something come from nothing?  Why is there something rather than nothing?
  16. Do non-material particulars exist like logic, numbers, ideas, people's spirit or soul, love exist?  In other words, do non-physical things exists in an atheist worldview?
  17. Are ideas physical?  Is logic material?  Is love just simply a biological chemical reaction?  
  18. Are humans just physical?  What are you?  How do you know that you are you?
  19. Why is it important to some atheists to convert non-atheists to atheists?
  20. If we're just cosmic accidents waiting for death and to be annihilated, why make such a fuss about truth as if your life and truth really matter?  Does human life have value, worth, purpose or meaning in an atheistic worldview?  

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