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Question for NON-Full Preterists

Question for NON-Full Preterists

November 18, 2013 at 2:26pm

I became a FULL PRETERIST through the ministry of partial preterists like Gary DeMar and R.C. Sproul.  I came to a point where there was no Scriptural support to justify a partial preterist view or future return of Christ as depicted by the creeds, confessions and church traditions.

Would you be so kind to share the passages of Scripture that justifies a future return/ parousia of Christ?

I am a full preterist because I believe The Holy Scriptures teach that Christ's return/parousia along with all other prophecies were fulfilled by 70AD.  Plus, there is NO Scriptural support that teaches a future THIRD return of Christ outside of the first century.

If you think I am in error, please help me and correct me with Scripture.

Thank you for the sharpening,

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