Monday, September 8, 2014

she loves Him by Tuese Ahkiong

she loves Him
by Tuese Ahkiong 

she searches herself for glorious words,
to breathe, prayers, upon her lips,
like kisses, for the Lord,
covering Him, with praise,
I stand amazed
to be able to glimpse into a soul
and to find, the fountain
from where her passion flows.
Christ is her life.
With His glory, Her face glows it.
Everything about her new life shows it.
That she has been touched from above.
That she truly is, His beloved.
How can her speech not bless Him!?
How can her mouth not profess Him!?
And how can her tongue not confess That Jesus is Lord,
For she’s covered in the Presence of God’s Holy Spirit.
And her life repeatedly tells,
A sweet fragrance of words to smell,
The aroma of Christ.
Her heart beats Jesus.
It sings His Name in a song.
It tells, that it is The LORD to whom she belongs.
Indeed, she shines,
The Son, of God, brightly.
Her life story speaks of His glory.
It increases the fame of His Name.
As I listen to her adore Our Savior,
Her every last word my soul was blessed to feel.
Her prayer is pure worship of God.
She is wrapped completely in His love;
Her affection and devotion go undistracted.
With closed eyes, she smiles,
Hands praised, to the sky,
An instrument, praying,
Music to The Lord.
What a beautiful sight!
Pure and holy she stands in His light,
Just loving her King,
And knowing it brings,
Him joy…
She loves Him!

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