Saturday, May 30, 2015

THAT’S LOVE by Tuese Ahkiong

By Tuese Ahkiong

It’s about love
That thing that poets write of…
That thing that changes your life,
Or better yet, 
Gives you life.
That thing that makes your heart sing,
Tingly feelings it brings.

Just the thought of your special treasure,
Gives the most incredible pleasure.
It injects a natural narcotic high
Gives you the ummms…
As you breathe a happy sigh.

Mooshie, Corny, sappy talk,
Starry eyes and drunken walk.
Silly words come off your lips
Honey Bunny,
Coochie Coo,
Baby Girl,
Big Daddy,
You’re my world.

But that’s not all,
It makes you dumb,
You say, “Two plus four, equals one.”
Gaga thinking blinds you to see,
That you make stupid decisions,
Like “Drinks are on me!”

You also go crazy,
Doing things you never thought you
Would or could or should.
Rollercoaster rides
Crazy highs.

Love makes you into an athlete:
Run a thousand miles,
Swim the widest ocean,
Climb the highest mountain,
Jump over any obstacle
Just to get to your fix.

Rugged, rough and tough man
Giving up Eskimo kisses at her command.
Kind, gentle and pleasant lady
Gone Ramba nuts and berserker crazy,
When seeing him speaking with another lady.

Then there’s losing sleep and sheep
Because you can’t stop thinking
about your sweet.
So you lose track of counting those lambs 
And wham!
You get slammed with drama-rama.

But there’s still more,
You get poor.
Because of one’s honey,
You run out of money.
An expensive fix,
For the sweetest high,
To be apart from your sweetie pie
You would die.
That’s what some call love.

*This piece was motivated from the drama-rama of many real life experiences. 

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