Friday, May 29, 2015


by Tu

Ah! The complications of life...
...that Tangle.
Those things that hinder
the page from turning.
One finds herself
returning and yearning
to see if there's any sign of life,
any wood left
to get this relationship
Only time can tell
If my heart is still held
by her sweet spell.
Or if this is just a long
lingering drawn out sigh
that has lost its breath
and simply must die.
I find myself
beneath a wishing tree
with eyes to the sky
that cry
and realizing
I climbed too high.
Heart, body and soul
entwined with u
i can't seem to move
what a place in life to find myself
stuck in a knotted situation
just idling in a snag
wrapped and trapped around u
these feelings are so hard to shake
but taste them and savor them I must
to know and feel
the many sensations
and flavors of living,
or betta yet, sinning.
and now I'm eating the fruit
of what I sowed.
it was just a moment ago,
that i couldn't get enough of you
and now I'm glued
to ms. fatal attraction
and feeling the subtraction
in my soul, time, energy and treasury
and the increase profit
in misery.
as BBD would say,
she's poison!
saw the red flags,
heard the warnings,
but the emotions over road them all
and now i fall
not in love
but insane
knowing i chucked the logic of my brain
and gained the pain.
all this to not be alone
with loneliness?
I groan.
I fooled myself.
thinking she would bring
my soul a quencher!?
really though,
hanging with crazy people
brings crazy adventures.
non-stop drama
where you cry out to your momma.
then you go numb and simply just exist
in this thing called a relationship.
this is my experience,
my prison, my hell,
my journey confirmation,
that i still breathe to tell.
that i have touched and felt,
what it means to...
...exist... a crazy relationship...
...tangled in you...


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