Sunday, May 31, 2015

SHE'S JUST LIKE A DREAM by Tuese Ahkiong

Inspired by The Cure’s
“Just Like Heaven”
by Tuese C. Ahkiong
July 8, 2012

She’s just like heaven
Her presence divine
I’m trembling in awe
And my heart, I find
Beating and breathing her name
Often, upon my lips
I scream, She’s just like a dream
So unreal, Before me
Revealed, An angel
Within my arms
And she’s asking me
To cover her in my charms

Is this the gal I’ve always wished for?
Am I dreaming?
If so, Lord, asleep forever let me be
in her sweet love, dancing with me
enjoying her smile, her laugh,
Her arms around my neck,
Her kisses on my heart
That make me shine
A warm glow, that lets me know and definitely shows that
She’s in love with me

Run away with me? she said
I’m in love with you!
I promise you, she said
All my kisses
And all my tomorrows!
But this man is risking the edge
Or a life of sorrow.
For not taking her hand along the sand
But leaving it for another man?
With hesitating thoughts running through my head
My distant answer, she easily read

And so my questions fly  
Why so slow to go?
WHAT does this really show?
Am I really seeing with open eyes?
I hope my vision ain’t playin’ a trick
That morning light will wake me sick
To a dizzy day twist and spin
And remind me
That I have been asleep dreaming, again
So, before me the raging sea of blues
Without you
Just your memory, drowned
Deep down, inside of me

Not a day passes do my thoughts
Not hold her
I’m gripped in this strange way she still touches me
The sea of love has stolen her far away
And how I long for those sweet yesterdays
But lonely and lost be i
At times, I just, have to, sigh?
Never again to gaze upon the soft beauty of her face
Only memories leave the trace
Of heaven

She’s just like a dream

Here's the song that brought the inspiration:


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