Monday, July 24, 2017


by Tuese Ahkiong

The first encounter with a cop was when I was a kid. In 1979, I was a 4th grader playing AYSO soccer at Westmoor HS. I must have been 80 lbs. I found some nunchucks in the bushes and I was showing it to my teammates when a white cop rushed me and all I remember is him sticking his fingers in my face and pushing my head back. My Aunt Lucy who took me and my cousin to the game was next to us and flew over to my rescue and was about to kick the cop’s ass into the next life.

As a 5th grader, I was walking home with 2 filipino classmates from JFK on Hillside near Gambetta sometime in the afternoon when a cop driving towards us on the opposite side of the street turns his car right into the driveway in front us.  A white cop jumps out of his car and demands for our gang nicknames.  I don’t remember what the 2 filipinos kids said but when he asked me, the only nickname I had was “Baby” because I was the youngest in my family and that's what everyone called me.  LOL.  He looked disappointed because he was hoping we were some hard core 5th grade criminals he could lock up.  The mentality of a cop is so whacked where they pick on kids to make their quotas.

My next encounter was when I was 14 and The California State Welterweight Champion Boxer training for the US Nationals and jogging down Hillside Blvd near War Memorial and a cop car pulls in front me, white cop jumps out and slams me against the car and frisks me. He said I looked like somebody. Heck!  We all look like somebody!  Cops can easily make this LIE up to violate your 4th Amendment right that they swear to defend, uphold and preserve.  There's no recourse. If you challenge them, they will punk you around.  They just want to make their quota because they are essentially mercenaries.  Spooky!

At 15, I worked at Matthew's TV Top of the Hill Daly City. I lived with my Uncle Roy & Aunt Lucy and my uncle was picking me up. As I waited outside, I looked up and saw 2 cops (Asian & White) cruising by and mistakenly looked the Asian cop in his eye. They then turn their lights on, jump out of their car, and put me against the wall and began frisking me. My Uncle Roy at that moment arrived and the store manager came out to my rescue.  The cops went with the “You fit the description of someone” ploy to violate my 4th Amendment.  And since 65% of cops do not have college degrees, it's most likely that they have not studied the U.S. Constitution of which they regularly violate over and over.  

At 15, I went out with to girl friends who were the same age to Pier 39.  They were Prince fans and dressed like Prince fans.  Two under-cover cops thought they were prostitutes and kept following us around the pier and harassing us.  Eventually they made the gals call their parents.  One of the mothers picked us up.

At 16, I was learning to drive and my older college friend who had his license was letting me practice with him and his car.  We drove up Guadalupe Canyon from E. Market St. when we pass a cop car by Price St next to JFK.  In less than 30 seconds, their lights go on.  I pull over and turn off the car.  The cop on the speaker commands me to slowly get out of the car with hands raised.  I step out and 2 white cops have their guns drawn pointed at me.  He asked me what was in my pocket and I said a brush.  I remember being told to slowly remove it.  After that fiasco, the cop tells me that he pulled me over because I was swerving.  Yah, right! 

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.



I have many more encounters where cops have profiled me that I will write about later.

TBC: To Be Continued....

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