Saturday, February 4, 2017

A SUNSET by Tuese Ahkiong

by Tuese Ahkiong

Somewhere beyond that ocean blue,
As you watch the entrance
of a colorful twilight,
You witness the sun
softly embracing the sea,
Kissing her goodnight.
You’re reminded that
Far away
The gal whose lips
That would make yours stay
on hers
Is an ocean away.
So, you pray,
A wish beneath a tropic star
That she could be where you are
To hold her close
And just ummm!
Before that last breath
of romance
escapes your lips,
You sigh
a wishy dream
of that gal
Who painted upon your heart
A truly paradise place,
wherever she is
Under her loving rays,
to someday,
melt together
a sunset.

*When I use to live in Hawaii, I would often catch the most romantic sunsets that would inspire much poetry.

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