Friday, October 7, 2016


by Tuese

She’s my song 
My melody
My sweetest thought.
That musical tune
That’s always on my lips
Moving my hips
Lifting me up
Floating on air
As my feet hover
Above the sidewalk
Doing a moonwalk
Making people talk,
“That dude’s in gagaland!”
She really grooves me
And moves me
To be free
In this love
To every beat
Of her soul
Just joyfully losing myself
In her bliss
And eventually
Her kiss.
This woman’s music carries me
When I’m low
Raises me up
With a smile
And a glow
That truly shows
Her tunes can get me
On the floor
Inspire me to live more.
I’m blessed
To hold her close
In my embrace
Swaying in this trance
As our cheeks
Caress each other’s face
Her presence and touch
Sing a refrain
That I’m glued to
Her lyrics invite me
Her swaying figure excites me
Our hearts harmonize
I’m lost in her eyes
She’s my high
My vice
My addiction
My release
My cardio joy
Making this boy
The stress and cares
Of life away
By just poppin’ and lockin’ a strut
Shakin’ the butt
Movin’ it
Groovin’ it
A lot
Is good medicine
Sweet therapy
Natural energy
Life is a dance
Have you been dancin’?
Are u dancing at all?
Or are u just leaning against the wall?

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