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Traditional Christianity vs. Bible by Tuese Ahkiong & JC Stump

Traditional Christianity vs. Bible
by Tuese Ahkiong & JC Stump

Topic Tradition Christianity                                                 Bible
Born again/ regeneration/ 
To be born again, one must be born a first time to YHWH and that was only Israel.  In order to be re-generated, one must first be generated.  Ex 4:22, 23; Ez 16; Deut 32:5, 6;
The Elect, Remnant, only 1st Century OC Jews were the called out ones (Ekklesia) from Old Covenant.  Matured by 70AD.  They were the Body of Christ, assigned to complete His mission (healing, spreading gospel) after His ascension.
Genesis is about the covenant creation and not physical creation.  Functional Ontology NOT Material Ontology.  This is consistent with other ANE creation accounts. Literal material creation doesn’t make sense.
Uncreated; without purpose; spiritual ignorance/darkness.  Jer 4:22-28
Separated from YHWH’s presence.  Adam Died THE DAY he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Law), which was disobedience of a direct command of YHWH, and was forced to leave the Garden (Gods Presence).  Adam's death was   spiritual/covenantal.
Unformed, without purpose, out of covenant.
End of the age
Old Covenant ended in 70AD; New Covenant has no end….
Holy of Holies, Temple; presence of YHWH. 1 Kgs 6:29
Good News for the OC Jews that the Messiah had come to perform the acceptable sacrifice and OC would end soon when He would appear a 2nd time on the Day of the Lord for salvation.  Heb. 9:28
Great Commission
Fulfilled by 70AD.  Rom 10:18; 16:26; Col 1:6, 23.
Great Tribulation
Took place between 65-70AD.  The generation Yeshua said it would Matt 24:21, 34
Great White Throne/ Judgment
Took place in 70AD.  Matt 16:27, 28; Rev 20:11,12,13
Took place between 30-70AD. Rom 1:13
YHWH’s presence Heb 9:24
New Heavens and New Earth  An idiom for a covenant world.  Gen 2:4; Deut 32:28, 32:1; Psa 69:32, 96:11; Isa 1:2,10; 44:23; 49:13; 66:22; Jer 4:23;28; Jer 51:48; Hos 2:21; Mic 1:2
It’s Gehenna, not Hell.  Gehenna is the proper name for a location outside of Jerusalem where child sacrifice and dead bodies were placed and burned.
Rom 9:4; eph 1:11-14; Heb 9:15
Spiritual: joy, peace, righteousness in The Holy Spirit; Here NOW
Last Days
Last Days were the last days of OC Israel.  Acts 2:17, Heb 1:2 
Knowledge of good and evil belongs to Israel Rom 7:7 and 9:4; the embodiment of knowledge and truth Rom 2.20

New Jerusalem
Is here now.  Spiritual  Heb 12:22
Rapture not in Scripture.  Harpazo is 1 Thess 4:17 being in Yeshua’s grasp; gathered; seized by YHWH’s power to meet the Lord in the Spirit.
Only the unbelieving Israel had to repent from rejecting their Messiah.
Resurrection/ regeneration
Could only apply to those who died under the OC Law, jews and their proselytes; Rom 9:4
Salvation/ save
For those under the law; The Old Covenant Jews.
Satan/ Devil/ Demons
Any Adversary to The Gospel, i.e., jews, Peter. Crushed 70AD
Second Coming
The reappearing out of the Holy of Holies of The High Priest to announce the acceptance of the atonement.  Heb 9:28
Pagan Priest wanting to rule over others using man-made laws
Adam started off as a stranger, got brought into the garden as a son, and got kicked out/ demoted to a slave/servant.
Light/Darkness/Death Adam went from having no purpose, to a having a purpose, to corrupting his purpose.
Created/Void-Uncreated/ Destroyed  Function/Purpose/No Purpose/Purpose Corrupted Israel went from being formless, not even being a nation, to being born of God in the desert, formed into a nation with a purpose, but corrupted themselves and became a servant/slave to sin.  They were waiting for adoption to be sons,
Spiritual Charismatic Gifts Were only for The Church and Ceased by 70AD

Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil YHWH given Law.  The only thing that brings knowledge of good and evil is The Law.  Romans 3:20, 7:7
Tree of Life
The Pre-incarnate Eternal Word; second person of The Trinity

Universalism – Adam all die, Christ all live Logical implication of 1 Cor 15:22, Rom 5:18 if Adam is the federal head of all humanity, then Christ must be the federal head of all humanity spiritually, thus, universal salvation.  Btw, we are not universalist.  Just showing the logical conclusion of where traditional christianity leads.

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